About Country Roads

COUNTRY ROADS is a lifestyle magazine that celebrates the best of Hastings County, the second largest county in Ontario. Each issue reflects this unique and diverse community through articles about the people, stories, places and businesses of interest to residents and visitors alike. 

As you journey along our country roads you are surrounded by the ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield, acre upon acre of rolling farmland, lakes, rivers, forests, open spaces and bustling towns and village where the way of life is as rich as the terrain.

We hope you enjoy the magazine and make a discovery or two along the way.


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Is it fate that Nancy Hopkins is at the helm of a Hastings area magazine? Forty years ago her father, Barry Penhale travelled countless area roads when he launched The Outdoorsman magazine. The publication went on to North American distribution. Born in Campbellford, Nancy has written for many media. Her experience includes magazine and newspaper features, specialty publications and business writing. Contributing to small town newspapers has given her a strong sense of home and a deep interest in the history and heritage of her community. 

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A writer with nearly 20 years of experience, John Hopkins has been co-publisher of a variety of motorsport magazines and special event programs. His byline has appeared in publications across North America. He has also written for community newspapers, cultivating an abiding passion for the people and events that make a community tick. He is currently a teacher with the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. 

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With over twenty-five years experience in graphic design, Joe VanVeenen has garnered an impressive portfolio of achievements in his field. As Art Director for three other quarterly, national and international publications, his creativity and flair are evident in the design awards he has won. Passionate about his work, Joe always endeavours to ensure that his design makes for a visual and pleasurable reading experience. 

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Michelle works with several municipalities, non-profits and business, creating marketing and economic development strategies and campaigns. Writing is her first love, but she is also a skilled web designer, photographer, film director/producer, and the Creative Director of WordBird Media. She lives in Paudash with her husband and two kids. Find out more at WordBirdMedia.com

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